Kaunas and Kaunas District are full of stories. They are dramatic, weird or comic. Sometimes they are sad and controversial. Stories fill the streets of the city and the little towns around, their empty windows, squares and houses. Stories make our environment alive, authentic, and unique, and we dream about them wherever we are. Not only stories help us to discover the place in which we live. They also help us to understand ourselves better, listen and empathise with others.

CityTelling Festival invites us to embark on a journey which will bring happiness through discoveries and new experiences. Maybe you will find something you have not expected completely, an answer to a question that you did not even know to have...

On this eight-day journey, you will be guided by experienced storytellers of Kaunas and Kaunas District: museum guides, theatre professionals, artists... They will invite you to almost 50 different events for families, people with disabilities, foreigners, youth and seniors. The stories of the festival will guide you through the long life of the city from the ancient times, to the interwar period, WW2 to these days. Each day of a festival will offer you a new page for your trip and a promise for a new adventure. The faces of this year’s festival include Helene Holzman, Henry Parland and Rosian Bagriansky. These are residents of three different ethnicities that have left their mark in the history of Kaunas. Together they remind us what rich and diverse our city and district are.

Daiva Citvarienė, Curator of the Festival



We are grateful for everyone who inspired the festival with their work, ideas and support: Ramybės Park people, who shared their stories, Kaunas Mosque and Holy Revelation Church communities, Nelli Mažitova, Orthodox priest Konstantin Pankrašov, Lutheran priest Saulius Juozaitis, Kaunas A. Puškinas Gymnasium, Lithuanian Union of Political Prisoners and Deportees, Lithuanian Education History Museum, Kaunas Biennial, Tep Tep Music, KTU Choir “Jaunystė”, Kaunas A. Kačanauskas music school band “Dangi&Dangiukai”, VMU acting students, students of the Kaunas Challenge, Fruma Kučinskienė, Julijana Zarchi and Jaroslavas Okulič-Kazarinas, Karolis Banys and Petras Gaidamavičius, Rami Neudorfer, Vytautas Stanionis, Stasys Pūtvis, Ignas Lokcikas, volunteers and the whole Kaunas 2022 team.

Organizers – Kaunas city and district theaters, museums, libraries, communities, businessmen and other organizations, Lithunian and international artists, – more than 20 in total. Thank you all for the engagement and wonderful stories!

The festival is initiated by Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022, program “Memory Office”.

Curator Daiva Citvarienė, coordinators Justina Petrulionytė-Sabonienė, Agnė Burovienė.

Kaunas 2019